Special Assistance

We at Go First believe in equal opportunity for all our customers and therefore endeavour to provide safe and hassle-free transportation to passengers with reduced mobility and disability.

A passenger is considered a 'Reduced Mobility Passenger' when his/her physical or mental condition requires individual attention during boarding, disembarking, and evacuating the aircraft not normally extended to other passengers.

Some of the aspects of the assistance provided to passengers with reduced mobility during travel include: -

  • Pre assigning seats to offer maximum comfort

  • Complimentary wheelchair assistance till/from the aircraft

  • Assistance with baggage at the airport

  • Arrangement of clearance certificate for the ambulance into the airport (if requested)

  • Priority tag on the bags to ensure early identification by the airline staff

  • Priority boarding to avoid inconvenience

  • A separate vehicle arrangement inside the airport for ramp transfers (If required & on an availability Basis)

  • Carriage of passenger's own wheelchair till/from the aircraft (Subject to Security Clearance)

  • Assistance with seating inside the aircraft

  • A special pre-flight briefing is conducted by the crew to acquaint the disabled passengers on emergency evacuation procedures and aircraft facilities

  • A separate pre-flight briefing conducted by the crew on emergency evacuation procedures, physical demonstration of the use of drop-down oxygen masks, seat belts, life jackets, brace positions for visually impaired passengers traveling alone

  • Priority delivery & assistance with baggage from the aircraft on arrival

Go First awards the highest priority to safety, and in accordance with the same, the number of non-ambulatory passengers which can be carried is limited and is detailed below:

A/C Type Unescorted Escorted Total per A/C
A320 neo Max 4 Max 8 Up to 8,all type

General Requirements:

Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility who wish to travel without an escort and only require special assistance at an airport for embarking/disembarking are not required to produce any medical certificate or special forms.

Go First will require a medical certificate only in the following cases:

a) When the passenger is suffering from any disease, which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable.

b) Who, because of certain diseases, or incapacitation may have or develop an adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight and on safety and emergency evacuation procedures.

c) Would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flights.

d) When there exists a possibility of a medical condition that can aggravate during or because of the flight.

e) Would be travelling in a stretcher or incubator.

f) Needs medical oxygen during the flight.

Passengers having any of the above-mentioned conditions shall produce a medical certificate from a qualified registered medical doctor stating the below:

a) The passenger is capable of completing the flight journey safely without requiring extraordinary medical assistance during the flight.

b) Disease or infection would not under the present condition be communicable to other passengers during the normal course of the flight journey.

c) Precautions that would have to be observed to prevent the transmission of disease or infection to other persons in the normal course of flight journey.

Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility are requested to keep all the required forms for assistance ready in advance in order to avoid flight delays.

  • MEDIF form (Medical Information Form) is required to be filled by the Customer's treating physician and will need to be submitted at the Go First Airport reservation office.
  • MEDIF form can be collected from any of the Go First Ticketing Office or can be downloaded here. MEDIF form has two Attachments:- Form A: - Completed by the Airport Staff on receiving a filled Form B. Form B: - Completed by the Attending Physician.
  • On receiving the filled MEDIF Form Go First reservation office will coordinate with the Go First Medical Department for clearance.
  • On receiving clearance from the Medical Department Customer/Representative will be updated and reservation formalities will need to be completed.
  • A minimum of 72 hours prior notice is required for all the formalities to be completed.
  • On the day of travel, the Customer should report 90 min prior to the departure time in order to ease the procedures of check-in as well as boarding.
  • Customers who need assistance in feeding, communicating, toileting, and personal needs are requested to travel with an Escort.

Requirements during Booking:

In order to ensure hassle-free travel, passengers are requested to notify Go First at least 48 hours before scheduled flight departure. For Go First to be prepared with the arrangements passengers are requested to provide the below information at the time of booking:

a) Nature and level of special assistance required while embarking, disembarking, and during in-flight

b) Mobility equipment and assistive devices that need to be carried by airline either in the cabin and/or aircraft hold

c) Requirement of escort

Requirements on-board:

Go First follows a detailed procedure for carriage of disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility and has also developed emergency evacuation procedures and training of the staff for handling Customers with disabilities. Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility requiring special assistance or protection from disturbance, including their escorts, shall be permitted to stay onboard during transit stops, if they so desire, subject to the observance of applicable safety and security norms.


Passengers with Wheel Chair Requirements:

Go First provides its passengers with reduced mobility the facility to book wheelchairs online during the time of booking and even offline through its call care. Wheelchairs are available for our passengers at all airports to assist them with transportation from check-in to the boarding gate while making connections (if applicable) and from the aircraft to the arrivals hall at the destination. We also provide attendants to push the wheelchair.

Passengers with the requirement of a wheelchair need to inform Go First at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

Passengers with the following requirements can book a wheelchair service at the time of making an online booking:

a. Wheelchair required to/from the boarding gate.

b. Wheelchair required through the airport and lift on/off to/from the aircraft seat.

c. Wheelchair required through the airport and up/down steps.

Go First offers its passengers the option of using his/her own wheelchair or airport wheelchair from the departure terminal to the aircraft during departure and from the aircraft to the arrival terminal exit without any additional expense.

If carrying your personal wheelchair, the following should be noted:

a. Passengers will be permitted to use their personal wheelchair provided the security procedures are cleared (as per specifications laid down by Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee(DPTAK),UK)

b. The wheelchair should be capable of maneuvering through various areas of the airport.

c. The wheelchair will be collected from the passenger at the step ladder and loaded in the aircraft hold and will be provided to the passenger at the stepladder on arrival.

d. The airline staff will assist in dismantling and reassembling the wheelchair under passenger supervision. Go First will not be responsible for any damage arising while handling the wheelchair.

e. Acceptance of automated wheelchairs/assistive devices using batteries shall be subject to the application of relevant regulations concerning dangerous goods. You may call our call center for further clarifications.

Damage Claim :

Where wheelchairs or other mobility equipment or assistive devices are lost or damaged whilst being handled at the airport or transported onboard aircraft, the passenger to whom the equipment belongs shall be compensated by the airline/airport operator/GHA/organisation responsible for such loss or damage.


Visual and Hearing Impaired Passengers:

We at Go First provide full assistance to ensure that the passenger travel experience is safe and seamless.

  • Visually impaired passengers can make bookings by calling our Customer Care Number 1800 2100 999 / +91 22 6896 8300

  • Though visually impaired passengers are permitted to travel without an escort, we suggest our passengers to request for special assistance while making the reservations

  • On Board, passengers can request Cabin crew for any assistance with carry-on items, assistive devices, getting to restrooms, etc.

  • Our Cabin crew is well trained in emergency evacuation procedures and in handling passengers with disabilities


Passengers with Stretcher Requirements:

Go First accepts the carriage of stretchers on all its Domestic and International flights provided there is no change of aircraft at the intermediate points

  • To book a stretcher :
    • Passengers can book stretchers by calling our Customer Care Number 1800 2100 999/ +91 22 6896 8300 
    • Passengers will have to inform Go First at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
    • Passengers have to fill up a medical form which can be collected from any of the Go First Ticketing Office or can be downloaded here.
    • The booking will be confirmed by our staff only on receiving clearance from the Medical and MCC department 
    • Go First will revert to the passenger within the next 24 hours of receiving the MEDIF (Medical Information Form).
  • The passenger has to be accompanied by an escort capable of attending to the passenger’s medical needs during embarking, disembarking, in-flight, and emergency evacuation. 
  • Stretcher replaces a total of 9 seats therefore the fare that will be charged would be equivalent to those many seats


Guide Dogs:

Go First understands the importance of service animals for assisting our passengers with a disability or reduced mobility and provides this service at no extra cost.

Service animals are permitted on all Go First Domestic and International flights.

The following should be noted when travelling with a Service Dog:

  • The Guide Dog needs to be added to the reservation by calling our Customer Care Number 1800 2100 999 / +91 22 6896 8300 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure. 
  • Passengers should reach the airport two (2) hours prior to the scheduled time of departure and inform our staff at the reservation desk. 
  • Passengers need to provide credible evidence that the service dog has been trained from an appropriate institution, is vaccinated, and is medicated.
  • Passengers are required to bring food for the dog, a container of water, and a moisture-absorbent mat, to be placed under the service dog.
  • The dog will be seated on the floor in front of the passenger’s feet and leased to the passenger seat belt during the entire duration of the flight.
  • We would request that the guide dog be properly restrained, odour-free and muzzled.

Go First reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the Guide dog if it poses a threat to other passengers, cannot be brought under control or is a safety hazard, or is too large to be accommodated in the aircraft passenger cabin.


A passenger with a guide dog will be boarded first so as to make the dog comfortable before the rest of the passengers start boarding. 


Assistive Device:

Go First provide the carriage facility of all assistive devices on all aircraft without any extra cost to passengers with a disability or reduced mobility.

Acceptance of automated assistive devices using batteries shall be subject to the application of relevant regulations concerning dangerous goods.

If the passenger checks in his/her assistive device, then the baggage will be provided with an “Assistive Device” tag with a tag number bearing the sign of the assistive device to ensure early identification and delivery of the same at the ladder point or at the convenient point after exit. 

All suitable arrangements would be made by Go First for assisting persons with disability or reduced mobility for their quick clearance and baggage delivery.

Assistive devices and mobility equipment can also be carried in the cabin by the passengers.

Go First Cabin crew will provide assistance to the passenger with reduced mobility to fit the device or the equipment in the overhead bin but if the same does not fit in the cabin, then we will have to place the device in the aircraft hold.

Acceptance of automated assistive devices using batteries shall be subject to the application of relevant regulations concerning dangerous goods.  

Passenger Grievance Redressal:

At Go First, we strive to ensure maximum comfort and care for the passengers throughout the course of travel, both at the departure and arrival stations. However, in the event of any issue or dissatisfaction faced by the passenger, you’ll reach us on the below: