Pre-Flight COVID 19 Testing Requirements: Here's What You Need To Know

The skies have opened up for travel once again! While this is indeed a huge relief, precaution is still the need of the hour. To ensure the safety of all air travellers, many regulations have been put in place by the authorities. One of the most important among these regulations is the need for pre-flight COVID 19 testing. 

Many international destinations and states in India now require all passengers to carry a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) test upon arrival. This test needs to be taken within a certain timeframe prior to departure. Having the required negative test results helps exempt you from undergoing quarantine.

Passengers who test COVID 19 positive will have to undergo mandatory quarantine at their own expense. This quarantine may either be institutional or at home, depending on existing rules at the destination. 

Do check guidelines for travel closer to your departure dates so that you stay informed of the most current protocol in your chosen destination.  Remember that the testing requirements can vary based on your destination of departure and arrival. You can read more about the current travel guidelines for Go First destinations here

At Go First your safety is our priority. We have therefore partnered with Stemz Healthcare to offer you a simple way to book the required COVID-19 RT-PCR Test prior to your flight. You can now easily book your test in India and across international destinations with ease online. 

This unique multi-country tie-up with Stemz Healthcare will help you meet the pre-flight testing protocol of many destinations. Simply follow these steps – 

  • Log on to the Go First website
  • Book your COVID 19 test by filling up a simple online form
  • Choose whether you want your test done by a home visit or at a laboratory near by
  • Receive the results directly from Stemz Healthcare

That’s how simple it is. By booking your COVID 19 test online, you also skip the possibly long wait at local medical testing facilities and keep yourself safe through social distancing.

You can now travel worry-free, knowing you have adhered to the required protocol for air travel. Pre-book your test now

Fly Safe, Fly Smart

At Go First, your safety is our top priority. We have taken all the necessary measures mandated by the government to make your travel contactless and safe so rest assured when you Fly Smart, You Fly Safe.