Citizens Charter



Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched "Passenger Charter" with an objective to bring the passenger's right that apply during air travel in a comprehensible format.

Providing easy access to information and prompt service are among the core values at Go First. We are always available via our contact centres and on our website. To make a flight booking over telephone, do contact the numbers mentioned below:
Go First contact centre helpline numbers:

These dedicated helpline numbers operate 24/7 and ensure uninterrupted telephone access to all our customers.

For more assistance,

Go First Head Office:

Go Airlines (India) Limited
4th floor, Kaledonia building,
Sambhaji Nagar, Opp. Dmart, Sahar road,
Andheri East – Mumbai 400069, India.
Board Line: 6741 0000, Fax: +91 22 67410001

Important Announcement for Passengers travelling to/from UAE:

1. All passengers except UAE residents, holding a passport with a single name on it won't be allowed to travel to/from the UAE.

Surname :
Given Name: Rahul

2. Passengers with an existing work permit or residence visa having a single name on their passport will be allowed given that their same name is updated in both the 'First Name' and 'Surname' columns.

Surname: Rahul
Given Name: Rahul

3. Passengers having two names on the passport in any of the columns of the first page will be allowed entry.

Surname :
Given Name: Rahul Kumar

4. Passengers who already hold a valid tourist visa issued in the past with one name on the passport, can cross-check the acceptance by sending an email to -  [email protected]

5. Newly issued employment visa in paper form with one name in the passport will not be allowed to travel.

6. The UAE government will not issue tourist visa to passengers holding passport with single name.

7. Passengers arriving in UAE on tourist/visit visa should have a confirmed return or onward journey ticket.

Reservation process

To help you grab the best deals on Go First, we have a dynamic internet-based reservation system that is fine-tuned to offer the best available fares at any given point in time across all booking mediums.

Go First tickets can be purchased from -

Reservations can also be made through our retail distribution network spread across select cities in India.


We follow a dynamic fare policy and our fare levels fluctuate depending on the number of bookings made/anticipated on a particular flight.
It is our commitment to customers that at any given point of time, the lowest available fare at that time would be made available across all the booking mediums. Rebooking will be allowed in case a lower fare level is available after booking the ticket. However, a seat release charge will be collected.
Customers should note that certain fares are offered subject to certain conditions which may limit, restrict or exclude the right of the customer to change or cancel bookings. Any fares with less than standard surcharges are promotional fares and are non-cancellable.

Given below are the section details on the applicable booking charges for each category of fares:

GoFirst GoFlexi


Base Fare + applicable taxes & surcharge

Base Fare + applicable taxes & surcharge

Infant Domestic

Rs. 1500 all inclusive

Rs. 1500 all inclusive

Infant International

Rs. 2350 all inclusive + 10 kg
check-in baggage

Rs. 2350 all inclusive+ 10 kg
check-in baggage

Non-refundable Web fee of ₹ 350/- per passenger per sector (inclusive of service tax and cess, if applicable) will be levied for all online transactions i.e. For One-Way journey ₹ 350/- per passenger & For Return journey ₹ 700 per passenger.

For Bookings made through our contact centre or Airport ticketing office, there will be non-refundable convenience fee charge of ₹ 350/- per passenger, per segment i.e. For One-Way journey ₹ 350/- per passenger & For Return journey ₹ 700/- per passenger (inclusive of service tax and cess if applicable).

In line with the industry practice, we overbook to a limited extent to reduce the possibility of flights departing with empty seats. We operate with the objective that no customer with a confirmed reservation should be denied boarding. However in exceptional cases where we have more customers reporting for a particular flight than the seats available, we ensure that customers who are denied boarding are not inconvenienced.

In such cases, we follow a policy which is laid down by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. For more details, kindly visit the Terms and Conditions section on our website

Go Airlines (India) Limited reserves its right to recover from its passengers any amount, deficit amount, including but not limited to taxes /government duties etc. which were not levied /charged to the passengers in respect of the tickets booked by the passengers, which were sold due to system error or human error or operational error or any error or reasons beyond control of Go Airlines (India) Limited or any of its authorized agent at highly rebated rate or at highly discounted rate. Go Airlines will contact all its passengers (whether flown or not flown) with all the details for recovering the deficit amount due from them.

All passengers are requested to kindly co-operate with Go Airlines and adhere to the demand raised by Go Airlines. Please note that the demand for recovery of the deficit amount will be made only by Go Airlines through email communication sent either to the passenger directly or to the agent who made the booking for the passenger. The demand raised by Go Airlines is without prejudice to its legal right of recovering the amount from its passengers.

Payment options:

Our fares are quoted in Indian Rupees and our international customers can make the payments using their credit card.
We accept Visa, Master Card and RuPay at our at our reservation touch points including the contact centres. Select debit cards are accepted only at the reservation counter and the Go First website. Personal cheques are not accepted as a mode of payment.
Itinerary printouts with the name of the customer will be checked by the Airport Security Unit at the time of entering the terminal and at the check-in counter by the check-in agent. Customers who do not have the printout are requested to collect them from the Go First office located outside the departure terminal.

Last minute change in travel plan:

We understand that our customers could be in a situation where they have to amend or cancel their tickets. At Go First, our customers can amend or cancel their tickets up to two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight by visiting our website, our airport ticketing counter or calling our contact centre.
Customers can manage their booking with our easy to understand Booking Manager section on the Go First website which has the following key features:

  • Retrieve and re-print your e-ticket itinerary

  • Cancel & refund your booking(s)

  • Change date of travel

Customers can modify their reservation only 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time by calling at 1800 2100 999 / 91 22 6273 2111

Cancellation Charges:

Details of the cancellation and seat release charges per customer per sector are mentioned below:

Applicable for all the bookings effective 21st Apr'16.

Change Fees / Rescheduling charges are Non-Refundable.

GoFirst GoFlexi GoReturn
Adult Base fare + applicable taxes & surcharge Base fare + applicable taxes & surcharge Base fare + applicable taxes & surcharge
Domestic 100% cancellation charges within 2 hours of the flight departure time.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 3500 or 100% of airfare charge (whichever is lower)
Departure 4 days and more- INR 3000 or 100% of airfare charge (whichever is lower)
100% cancellation charges within 2 hours of the flight departure time.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 3500 or 100% of airfare charge (whichever is lower)
Departure 4 days and more- INR 3000 or 100% of airfare charge (whichever is lower)
100% cancellation charges within 2 hours of the flight departure time.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 3500 or 100% of airfare charge (whichever is lower)
Departure 4 days and more- INR 3000 or 100% of airfare charge (whichever is lower)
International 100% cancellation charges within 4 hours of the flight departure time.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 5000/- (or equivalent currency)
Departure 4 days and more- INR 4500 /- (or equivalent currency)
100% cancellation charges within 4 hours of the flight departure time.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 5000/- (or equivalent currency)
Departure 4 days and more- INR 4500 /- (or equivalent currency)
100% cancellation charges within 4 hours of the flight departure time.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 5000/- (or equivalent currency)
Departure 4 days and more- INR 4500 /- (or equivalent currency)
Domestic Within 2 hours of departure changes not allowed.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 3000/- + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
Departure 4 days and more- INR 2500/- + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
Nil Within 2 hours of departure changes not allowed.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 3000/- + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
Departure 4 days and more- INR 2500/- + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
International Within 4 hours of departure changes not allowed.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 4000/- (or equivalent currency) + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
Departure 4 days and more- INR 3500 /- (or equivalent currency) + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
Nil Within 4 hours of departure changes not allowed.
Departure within 0 to 3 days- INR 4000/- (or equivalent currency) + difference in Base Fare / Taxes
Departure 4 days and more- INR 3500 /- (or equivalent currency) + difference in Base Fare / Taxes

Note: For Go Return Partial cancellation of the Itinerary is not permissible, journey must consist of onward and return leg both at any point of time.

**The cancellation terms for the Special promotion campaigns vary, so please refer to the offer’s landing page to verify the specific cancellation Terms and Conditions.

The onus for cancelling the PNR within the stipulated time rests with the customers and if necessary should be done by visiting our airport ticketing counter. .

Keeping you informed

At Go First, we are committed towards keeping our customers informed in case of known delays, cancellations, and diversions, as early as possible. To do this, we use the contact details mentioned in the reservation record. For bookings via travel agents, we contact the agent if we don’t have sufficient details of the customer. To help us in reaching our customers on priority, we request them to provide their valid mobile phone numbers and alternate contact numbers along with their email id, while making a reservation at any of our channels.


Customers should note that certain fares are offered subject to certain conditions, which may limit, restrict or exclude their right to change or cancel bookings.

  • In case of credit card payments, refund shall be made by the airlines within seven days of the cancellation to the account of credit card holder.

  • In case of cash transactions , refund will be made by the airline via NEFT. Please allow 07 working days for the amount to reflect in the account

  • If the booking has been done via a travel agent , the amount due would be credited to the travel agent’s account. Kindly contact your respective agents for further details. Please be advised that bookings made via a travel agent cannot be cancelled on our website.

Tips on credit card fraud prevention process

To avoid being a victim of credit card frauds, Go First advises you to always keep the following in mind:

  • If you have booked tickets with your credit card, bring along a photocopy (both front & back) of your credit card while travelling

  • If the booking has been made on someone else’s card, carry an authorization letter from the person as well as a photocopy of that card

  • While submitting the photocopy, make sure you strike off the CVV number on it (on the reverse of the card, in italics at the end of the signature panel)

Reporting time

In view of the new ATC initiative, customers are advised to report at the earliest but not later than 01 hour prior to the departure time. Customer check-in starts 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. Customers travelling in groups (10 or more customers) are advised to report at the airport at least 120 minutes prior to the flight departure.

Photo-ID requirement

All customers must present valid identification at the check-in counter. The valid photo identification documents are - Passport/Driving License/Election Voter Card/PAN Card/Photo Identity cards issued by the Govt., Public and reputed Private sector organizations, and Photo Credit Card. In case the customers do not possess any of the above documents, they should carry a relevant attested document that contains their recent photograph.

Check-in closure

The check-in counter closes strictly 01 hour prior to the scheduled departure time. Thus, customers must report sufficiently in advance to avoid missing the flight. We are committed towards helping our customers reach their destination in time and therefore we request all our customers to check-in at the right time. Please note that landing at the wrong terminal, traffic jams, and other disruptions may take our customers longer than usual to reach our counters. However, the airline reserves the right to not accept a customer if he is unable to reach the counter 01 hour before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

Check-in process

The CISF personnel manning the airport verify the customer’s identity and their ticket before allowing them entry into the terminal. Customers are requested to keep their personal identification cards as well as their itinerary printouts handy to meet this requirement. Go First customer check-in starts 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.

We try our best to ensure a smooth check-in. This includes, making multiple check-in counters available to our customers and having an efficient staff that helps in reducing congestion. This translates into less waiting time at the counter and enables on-time departure of our flights. Moreover, Go First also offers assigned seating at the airport check-in counters.

Baggage allowance

To ensure that travel is comfortable and safe for all customers, it is important that baggage carried in the cabin comply with a set of rules and allowances. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has the following guidelines: dimensions of the cabin baggage cannot exceed [55 cm + 35 cm + 25 cm (Total 115 cm) and must weigh no more than 7 kg.

Baggage allowance chart (Travel within India):

Go First Go Return

Check-in Baggage Allowance

1 piece 15 kg

1 piece 15 kg

Hand Baggage Allowance

7 kg

7 kg

Check-in Baggage Dimensions

Not to exceed 158cm (L+W+H)

Cabin Baggage Dimensions

Not to exceed 55 cm+35 cm+25 cm (Total 115 cm)

Excess Baggage Charges

₹ 550/Kg

Baggage allowance for infants (Travel within India):

Infants do not have any check-in baggage allowance. However customers traveling with an infant are allowed to carry one extra cabin baggage weighing not more than 7 Kg and a fully collapsible baby's wrap or a blanket.

Baggage allowance for infants (International Travel):

Infant is permitted baggage allowance of 10 Kg. for International flights.

  • An umbrella or a walking stick

  • A reasonable amount of reading material

  • A small camera or a pair of binoculars

  • Infant's food for customers travelling with an infant

  • A laptop

In case, a customer wishes to carry an oversized item, one that will fit safely on a seat, the customer may do so upon the purchase of an additional seat on that flight. However it is subject to availability of seats and applicable fares, wherein the maximum weight of the blocked seat baggage shall not exceed 75 kg and the height of the article to be carried should not exceed the height of the headrest of the seat.
For health and safety reasons, Go First will not accept any individual item exceeding 32 kg. For oversized baggage, comprising but not restricted to sporting, musical equipment etc. an additional charge of Rs 1500/- for Domestic and Rs 3000/- for International per item/sector will be levied. Go First reserves the right to deny any luggage that does not comply with its policies.

Dangerous articles in baggage

For safety reasons dangerous articles, such as those listed below, must not be carried in the customer's baggage:

  • Toy or replica guns (plastic or metal)

  • Catapults

  • Household cutlery

  • Knives with blades (of any length)

  • Paper knives

  • Razor blades

  • Darts

  • Scissors

  • Sporting bats

  • Billiard, snooker, pool cues

  • Cigarette lighters including butane, absorbed-fuel (Zippo-type), electric/battery-powered and novelty lighters

  • Matches

  • Tradesmen's tools

  • Compressed gasses (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable) and poisonous gasses (butane oxygen, liquid nitrogen, aqualung cylinders) and compressed gas cylinders

  • Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries, and apparatus containing mercury

  • Explosives, ammunitions, fireworks and flares; ammunition including blank cartridges, handguns, and pistol caps

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Note 2 smartphones are prohibited in Check-in baggage and hand baggage

  • Power bank chargers are prohibited in Check-in baggage

  • Flammable liquids and solids such as paints, thinners, fire-lighters, radioactive material, briefcases, and attaché case with installed alarm devices and oxidizing materials such as bleaching powder and peroxides

  • Poisons and infectious substances such as insecticides, weed-killers, and live virus materials. Other dangerous articles such as magnetized materials, offensive or irritating materials

  • Drone/ Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) / Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) / Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV)

Limited quantities of medicines and toiletries that customers need during the flight may be carried.
Please note: Security personnel are permitted to remove any article which, in their reasonable opinion, may be used or adapted for causing injury or incapacitation of any person.

Boarding process

For the comfort of families with young children and to ensure that the flight takes off smoothly, Go First offers priority boarding to families with young children and elderly customers.
To ensure on-time departure of flights, customers are requested to reach the boarding gate in advance. Customers who present themselves for boarding after the gates have closed will unfortunately not be accepted for travel and their baggage will be offloaded. Since the boarding time varies across the Go First network, we request customers to check their boarding pass.

Delay handling / Re-routing

Safety, security, and consistent delivery of the basics are the foundation of everything we do. In case of delays at the airport, we try our best to minimize the inconvenience. Customers are offered refreshments in case the delay is more than 2 hours. We offer the following options to our customers in case of cancellation and delays spanning more than 2 hours/ or if the flight is moved ahead by 60 minutes/or if we are unable to provide previously confirmed space:

  • If the booking has been done via a travel agent , the amount due would be credited to the travel agent’s account. Kindly contact your respective agents for further details.

  • In case of cash transactions , refund will be made by the airline via NEFT. Please allow 07 working days for the amount to reflect in the account

  • Credit card bookings made via all other mediums would be refunded back on to the credit card within 7 business days

  • For further details please refer the Terms and Conditions

At Go First, we always like to challenge the mundane and push the airline’s innovation in order to give our customers something extra special. Why should getting to your destination be a chore?


Our crew is trained keeping in mind the best safety and hospitality standards. They undergo rigorous training in Safety & First Aid, Service Delivery, and Personality Development before they are cleared to take on the role of hosts on board. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for our customers.

Aircraft ambience

With one of the youngest fleet of aircrafts in the Indian skies, our customers can expect a high level of comfort and a significant standard of service across all our flights. We continuously improve our aircraft services, so our customers enjoy greater comfort and convenience in the air.

Buy on board

Customers travelling economy can avail our buy on board meal services.

Terms and conditions for pre-booked Combo Meal on

  • Customers can pre-purchase meal at the time of booking ticket(s) on / mobile app.

  • Customers can choose vegetarian, non-vegetarian and beverage options as per their preference.

  • Customers can purchase meals at least twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.

  • Selection of meal(s) are subject to substitution/change as per availability. The meal type request is linked with the flight ticket. Once customers have chosen and placed their meal preference (vegetarian, non-vegetarian & beverage), they cannot change the said preference later.

  • For flights where there is no change in flight number (‘via flights’), customers will be served meal booked on the first leg or on the leg where the meal can be served by Go First.

  • For multi-sector flights, customers may purchase additional meals on board for the connecting sectors.

  • The price of the meal is inclusive of all taxes.

  • Boarding Pass must be presented to the crew to avail the pre-booked meal, failing which it will not be served.

  • Contents can be changed / modified / replaced without prior notice at sole discretion of Go First for meal pre-booked by customer.

  • Meal will be served at ambient temperature maintained in aircraft and Go First does not guarantee that the meal will be served at hot / warm / cold temperature.

  • Go First reserves the right to change, amend and/or withdraw any of these terms & conditions without any reason and at any time, without prior notice.

Cancellation and refund of Combo Meal requests

  • No refund will be provided in case of no-show or passengers who do not avail this service in spite of purchasing the same.

  • This service will be refunded for passengers who cancel the booking partially or fully - 12 hrs prior to departure.

  • If the flight is cancelled by Go Airlines, the amount paid for the Combo Meal request will be refunded in the original form of payment by way of reversal on the customer’s debit or credit card entry

  • This service will be refunded in case of flight cancellations by airline.

Rescheduling and refund of Combo Meal requests

  • The pre-purchased Meal request cannot be carried forward in case the customers reschedule their itinerary. The amount collected for the Combo Meal will not be refunded.

  • If the flight is rescheduled by Go First, the Combo Meal request will be carried forward at no extra cost.

    Retail therapy

Ever thought of shopping at 35,000 feet? Go First now offers a basket of quality products at huge discounts, something that our customers would never find at the mall they always shop at!

Braille Safety Instruction Book

GoFirst has introduced its in-flight safety book in Braille for person with visual impairment. The safety book provided to passengers on board upon request, covers detailed instructions on seat belt operation, location of emergency exits, life jackets and tactile diagrams that help in orientation for visually impaired passengers and provides other essential safety information..

Baggage delivery

At Go First, we endeavour to make sure that our customers’ baggage reaches its respective destination safely. Our customers’ property is important to us and we assist them should they ever get separated from their baggage. We have a sophisticated system in place, designed to reunite customers with their baggage as quickly as possible.

If they cannot find their baggage at the terminal, the first step is to approach the Baggage Services Desk or a Go First representative available in the arrival hall, near the baggage claim area. Customers will be required to fill a Property Irregularity Report giving related details of their baggage. This report will contain a unique reference number, which enables Go First to trace their baggage as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more information our customers can give us about their baggage colour, identifying marks, etc. the better. If they have left the airport without filling a report, we request them to contact their local Go First airport office as soon as possible.

Go First assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or wear and tear to the luggage. This includes without limitation, scratches, torn zippers, straps, wheels, handles, scuffs, dents, soiling, breaking, leaking or manufacturing defects; or for unsuitably packed, perishable, damaged or fragile items within the baggage, or for the water damage to non-waterproof baggage. It is necessary that all medication, valuables, and precious items (cameras, jewellery, money, electronics, etc.) and items which are perishable should be carried in the customer's cabin baggage and not the checked-in baggage. The Company shall not accept any responsibility for these items. In case, the passenger decides to carry any valuables in their checked-in baggage against the above advice; they will do this at their own risk and shall not hold Go First responsible for any pilferage/damage or more, to such valuables. They shall lay no claim against Go First, its employees, agents, or successors in this regard. Go First is not liable for any loss or damage occurred by delay in the carriage by air of customers or their baggage.
Go First's liability for loss of baggage is limited to ₹ 200/- per Kg up to a maximum of ₹ 4,000/- or whichever is lower. Go First assumes no liability for fragile or perishable articles.

Allow us 10 business days from the date of travel to locate misrouted baggage. When the customer’s baggage is received, we inform them immediately. If the bag is not located after 10 days then it will be declared lost and customer will be compensated.

Damaged baggage

Should in the rare incident, our customer’s baggage arrive damaged at the destination; Go First shall make best possible efforts to get it repaired. In such cases, it is required that the customer contact the Go First customer service staff in the arrivals concourse at their destination, before leaving the airport.

Checked baggage tips

We request our customers to always tie an identification tag to each of their checked items with their name, address, and contact details. Go First staff at the check-in counter can provide a tag if our customers do not already have one. To further distinguish their luggage, we request our customers to tie a brightly coloured ribbon to the handle, or place a sticker on their bag, or otherwise decorate their property so that it is easily recognizable.

Some items should not be included in the checked-in baggage, such as valuables (including jewellery), computers, electronic devices, keys, important documents (including passports), and medication or medical equipment that cannot be replaced quickly.

We request our customers to ensure that their baggage is sufficiently robust, well packed, and secured in order to withstand the usual and normal rigours of carriage by air without sustaining damage.

Lost property

If our customers think they have left something behind on one of our planes they can check on it by calling the lost property department of the airport they arrived into. Any lost property found on board is taken off the plane by the security staff and passed to our lost property handlers who then enter the details into a log and store the item for 3 calendar months from the day the aircraft arrives, unless it is a perishable item in which case it is destroyed immediately.

Pickup of wrong baggage

If a passenger takes a wrong check-in bag from the airport baggage belt, it is their responsibility to immediately return the bag at their own cost to Go First Airport Manager from where the bag was collected.

Carriage of weapons

Carriage of weapons by bona fide passengers is governed by regulations/directives from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.
Customers wishing to carry licensed firearms/ammunitions on Go First flights must keep the following in mind:

  • As per BCAS regulation, carriage of weapons in carry-on baggage or on one’s person is not allowed

  • As per BCAS regulation, one passenger can carry only one licensed firearm and/or 50 ammunitions in his/her checked-in baggage

  • Two or more weapons cannot be placed in one check-in baggage

  • A charge of ₹ 5,250/- (per weapon) shall be levied for personal weapon and ammunition carried in the checked-in baggage on all our flights

  • The above charges would be collected at the airport

  • Personnel exempted from paying the above charges are:

  • Personnel from defence forces, Para-military forces, and Police, if traveling on duty and carrying
    an official movement order issued by their concerned department authorizing the carriage of
    weapon and/or ammunition for official purpose

  • Sports persons participating in sporting events, holding an authorization to carry weapon from
    the recognized sports body

Note: For detailed procedure on carriage of weapons on Go First flights please contact our feedback team on [email protected]

Unaccompanied minor

Go First is happy to help kids fly solo. We accept unaccompanied minors between the age of 5 and 12 years, upon a payment of a nominal fee of ₹ 2,500 per UMNR for flights within India and ₹ 4,500 per UMNR on international flights.
At the time of booking, the Unaccompanied Minor Service should be requested, either on the Go First website (, directly at the Go First office, via a Go First contact centre or through a travel agent.

For children traveling alone (unaccompanied minors), we provide separate check-in facilities on departure with dedicated Go First staff to accompany them to the aircraft. A parent or a guardian is required to complete a signed UMNR form at the point of check-in at each departure airport prior to travel. They must provide the name and the contact number(s) of a parent or a guardian who will meet the unaccompanied minor at the point of arrival. Parents or guardians are advised to present the child for check-in at least two hours prior the departure and must remain at the airport until the flight has departed.

At the destination, the unaccompanied minor is introduced to a member of our staff who will escort them to the arrivals, where they will be handed over to the parent or the guardian noted on the form. For security reasons, the parent or the guardian will be required to show their formal identification, the details of which will be noted.

Note: Children between the age group of 5-12 years will be considered and treated as an unaccompanied minor even if they are accompanied by a customer who is in the age group of 13 years to 18 years.

Optional seating preference
Customers can now pre-book their seats as per their desired preference on

Seat Fee For Domestic Sectors

Sr. No. Row Window Seat Middle Seat Aisle Seat
1 3, 12, 13 INR 1000 INR 1000 INR 1000
2 4 to 11 INR 350 INR 350 INR 350
3 14 to 20 INR 250 INR 150 INR 250
4 21 to 31 INR 200 INR 150 INR 200
5 3, 12, 13 @ Airport INR 1200 INR 1200 INR 1200
6 3, 12, 13 @ Corporate INR 750 INR 750 INR 750


Seat Fee For International Sectors

Sr. No. Row Window Seat Middle Seat Aisle Seat
1 3, 12, 13 INR 1200 INR 1200 INR 1200
2 4 to 11 INR 450 INR 450 INR 450
3 14 to 20 INR 400 INR 150 INR 400
4 21 to 31 INR 300 INR 150 INR 300
5 3, 12, 13 @ Airport INR 1400 INR 1400 INR 1400
6 3, 12, 13 @ Corporate INR 950 INR 950 INR 950

Free Auto Seat selection

For the web Check-in with ‘Auto seat assign’, passengers will get any seat randomly as per the availability. There will not be any charge to pay for the seat booking with the ‘Auto seat assign’.  The boarding pass will be automatically mailed to the passengers 6 hours prior to the time of departure. This can only be done on the Go First website.

No medical clearance or special forms are insisted from customers with disabilities or customers with reduced mobility who only require special assistance at the airport in embarking/disembarking and a reasonable accommodation in the flight, who otherwise do not require any additional assistance. Such customers/ representatives are requested to inform our airport office or at the call centre at least 24 hours prior to the flight. However, there are certain conditions under which the customer will need a prior clearance from the Go First Medical Department before travel. The conditions under which prior clearance is required include:

  • Customer suffers from any disease, which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable

  • Customer, because of certain diseases, or incapacitation may have or develop an adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight, on-safety, and emergency evacuation procedures

  • Customer requires medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flights

  • There exists a possibility of their medical condition being aggravated during or because of the flight

How to get a medical clearance?

  • MEDIF form (Medical Information Form) is required to be filled by the customer's treating
    physician and will need to be submitted at the Go First Airport reservation office

  • MEDIF form can be collected from any of the Go First ticketing office or can be downloaded
    from the Go First website. The MEDIF form has two attachments: - Form A: - Completed by
    the airport staff on receiving a filled Form B. Form B: - Completed by the attending physician.

  • On receiving the filled MEDIF Form, Go First reservation office will coordinate with the Go First Medical Department for clearance

  • On receiving clearance from the Medical Department, the customer/representative will be updated and the reservation formalities will be completed

  • A minimum of 72 hours prior notice is required for all the formalities to be completed

  • On the day of travel, customer should report 90 min prior to the departure time in order to ease the procedures of check-in as well as boarding

  • Customers who need assistance in feeding, communicating, toileting, and personal needs are requested to travel with an escort

Note :- The disabled customer and/or his/her escort/accompanied representative should carry all the relevant medical documents for any reference by our airline personnel and/or airport authority to avoid inconvenience and to be used in case of any emergency medical aid.
At Go First, we ensure maximum comfort and care for our customers throughout the course of travel both at the departure and at the arrival stations. Some of the assistance provided during travel include:

  • Pre-assigning of seats to offer maximum comfort

  • Complimentary wheelchair assistance till/from the aircraft

  • Assistance with baggage at the airport

  • Arrangement of clearance certificate for the ambulance into the airport (if requested)

  • Priority tag on the bags to ensure early identification by the airline staff

  • Priority boarding to avoid inconvenience

  • A separate vehicle can be arranged inside the airport for ramp transfers (if required & on
    availability basis)

  • Customer can use their own wheelchair till/from the aircraft (subject to security clearance)

  • Assistance with seating inside the aircraft

  • Special pre-flight briefing to acquaint the disabled/blind customers with emergency evacuation
    procedures and aircraft facilities

  • Priority delivery & assistance with baggage from the aircraft on arrival

Customer medical certification

In general for the below mentioned health/medical conditions, a customer requires a Fit to Fly as a Customer/Fit for Air Travel Medical Certificate valid for the travel date, ideally issued in the last 24 hours from his/her treating and/or consulting registered allopath specialist/consultant doctor along with his name, signature, and medical council registration number (preferably on a letter head).

  • Any medical/surgical illness or condition that may cause in-flight/on-board problem or even death

  • Any medical/surgical complicated, unstable or uncontrolled condition that may cause inflight/on-board problem or even death

  • Undergone surgery/operation and/or suffered/suffering major/critical illness in the past 15 to 30 days

  • Pregnancy from 28th week onwards (i.e. completed 27 weeks)

  • Suffering or under treatment for any infectious/contagious illness.

  • Discharge after hospitalization for any reason

  • Customer in doubt of need of the medical fitness certificate i.e. in case the customer is unsure whether he/she requires a medical certificate, we advise them to obtain one to avoid any inconvenience for air travel/medical clearance

  • May require any emergency life support in-flight/on-board acceptable by our airline

  • Note: Life support equipment such as oxygen shall be provided by Go Airlines at a nominal cost. Personal oxygen cylinders are not allowed to be carried on board due to safety reasons

Customer requiring stretcher

  • The customer will provide detailed and all necessary information about all the specific requirements of the person at the time of ticketing / online booking process through its Call Centre. To make a Booking for such Customers, requests need to be placed no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight. The customer needs to inform our call centre about the nature and level of special assistance required. The customer travelling on stretcher must be accompanied by an escort who must be capable to attend the Customer’s medical needs during embarking, disembarking, inflight and emergency evacuation.

  • Please note Stretchers are not permitted on any of our connecting flights.

  • Customers are required to take a print-out of Go First’s MEDIF form available on the website

  • The MEDIF form has two attachments: -
    • Form A: - Completed by the airport staff on receiving a filled Form B.
    • Form B: - Completed by the attending physician.
  • The filled MEDIF form B must then be handed over along with other medical papers to Go First Airport Ticketing Office or emailed on [email protected]

  • Based on an assessment of Go First’s internal physician and upon availability of required number of seats on that particular flight, acceptance of such customer on a particular flight will be communicated to the Customer within 24 hours of receipt of the MEDIF form.

  • A booking will be confirmed upon payment of applicable charges. To understand the applicable charges please contact our call centre or any of our Airport Ticketing Office.

  • A customer traveling on a stretcher must be accompanied at least by a Doctor (minimum MBBS) or Paramedical Escort who is a registered Nurse.

  • Customers are also required to carry a Fit to Fly certificate on the day of the departure

  • Please note that Go First’s reserves the right to have a Go First’s medical representative meet the Customer at the airport on the date of travel to determine the Customer’s medical fitness for travel on that date.

  • Our customer service and cabin crew team will provide all the assistance required.

Expectant mothers and newborn babies

Following guidelines apply to safeguard the health of the mother and the baby:

Provided the pregnancy has been uncomplicated and the customer is not experiencing a related medical condition, there is no problem flying whilst pregnant until the 28th week.

For traveling between 28-36 weeks, a medical certification as Fit to Fly as Customer on date of travel is required from the treating doctor. For the safety of the customer, Go First reserves the right, under certain circumstances, to refuse boarding if the customer chooses to not carry a medical certificate.

Travel after the 36th week of gestation is not permitted.

Newborn babies can travel from Day 7, if born on or after the due date with no complications. In case of caesarean section and/or complicated delivery they can fly after 2 weeks.

Communicable diseases

The following diseases are regarded as being communicable and may pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the other passengers. We recommend the following guidelines to be considered in case of flight arrangements:

Chicken Pox Can travel 5 days after the rash becomes evident

Hepatitis A

As long as you feel well enough to travel.


Can travel 5 days after the rash becomes evident.


Can travel 5 days from when swelling started.


Can travel 5 days after the rash becomes evident.


Can travel as long as the rash is not weeping or is covered.


Can travel if the medical evidence states the customer is not infectious.

Whooping Cough

Can travel 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment or 3 weeks after the onset of symptoms if not treated.

Yellow Fever

Can travel once the customer is well enough and the treating doctor has deemed the customer fit to travel.


Can travel once symptoms have resolved.

If the customer has or has had any of the above listed illnesses recently, we request them to get in touch with a Go First contact centre or our reservation agents for further information.
** Go First reserves the right, under certain medical circumstances that customers may suffer from, to refuse boarding.

We listen

It is very important for us to learn and understand how our customers perceive our services across our network. In a dynamic business environment, our approach to meet our customers’ changing needs and expectations is also very dynamic. We are constantly in the process of rediscovering and challenging the way we operate and serve our customers.
Therefore, we do a continuous in-depth measurement and research to know them. This gives us insights about their changing needs and helps us take better decisions to satisfy them.

We understand and improve

How do we do it?

Online feedback

Customers have the option of expressing their views online through our website. Online feedback is another valuable opportunity to learn about our customers’ expectations and needs.

Operational reports

Our teams take the responsibility of reporting any discrepancy and relevant information as an outcome of both formal and informal interaction with our customers.

What do we measure?

A detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis is conducted to help measure customer satisfaction across various dimensions. Continuous monitoring and comparison of results month-on-month exposes the areas for improvement.

What next?

The insights are then shared with the company’s senior management for immediate action. Customer feedback and subsequent changes are shared across the Go First network to keep our people informed. The findings are also used to set targets for customer satisfaction performance and further revisions of existing standards.

We respond

Our customer service and quality department is dedicated to addressing customer comments & concerns. All the feedback received is personally read and depending on the nature of feedback, detailed investigations are conducted. Responses to all specific feedback are sent as soon as possible.

Concerns and feedback

We put customer service and commitment to our customers at the heart of what we do. We strive to get it right, first time, and every time. Our customers can reach us with their feedback on their Go First Air experience by writing to us at [email protected]
Alternatively they can also write to us at:
Go Airlines (India) Limited
4th floor, Kaledonia building,
Sambhaji Nagar, Opp. Dmart, Sahar road,
Andheri East – Mumbai 400069, India.
Board Line: 6741 0000, Fax: +91 22 67410001

  • Student fare will be available for bookings done online on by opting in for student fare
  • Go First will provide 5% discount on base fare only. All applicable fees/taxes payable by the student.
  • Scheme is applicable for students above the age of 12 years, who belong to a recognized School / University that issues a bonafide Student ID card
  • It is mandatory for the students to carry a valid student ID card as well as valid Govt approved photo ID and display it at the time of check-in at the airport.
  • Scheme is valid for students only. Not applicable for family members.
  • Student discount is applicable for all domestic flights.
  • Student discount is valid on both, one-way and round-trip bookings.
  • Bookings made under Student Discount Scheme are changed or cancelled. However, only one modification is allowed by calling at the call centre
  • Tickets booked under the scheme are non-transferable - No name changes permitted.
  • Web Check-in is not allowed for all the Student Discount bookings.
  • Limited inventory available under the scheme and seats are subject to availability.
  • Scheme cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts/promotions from Go First.
  • Go First reserves the right to amend/modify/cancel the scheme without any prior intimation.
  • Bookings under this offer are refundable after deducting the applicable cancellation fares.
  • An excess baggage of 25 kg (Standard 15 + 10) will be allowed at Airport only after Student showing a valid student ID card as well as valid Govt approved photo ID.
  • This offer is applicable for international students also
  • A valid student ID card as well as valid Govt approved photo ID and international boarding pass of travel within 24 hours needs to be presented to avail this offer

Guidelines on unruly behavior by a customer on Go First’s aircraft

'Any person who commits on board of Aircraft any of the following acts commits offence and wrongdoing of:

  • Assault, intimidation or threat, whether be it bodily or oral, against a crew member if such act interferes with the performance of the duties of the crew member or lessens the ability of the crew member to perform those duties;
  • Refusal to follow a lawful instruction given by the Captain/ Pilot-in-Command of the Aircraft, or on behalf of such Captain / Pilot-in-Command by a crew member, for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the aircraft or of any person or property on board or for the purpose of maintaining good order and discipline on board and compromising safety;
  • Assault, intimidation or threat, whether by act of physical violence against any person or of sexual assault or child molestation;
  • Intentionally causing damage to or destruction of, property;
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs resulting in intoxication;
  • Smoking in lavatory or inside the Aircraft or its vicinity in the manner likely to endanger the safety, good social order and discipline;
  • Tampering with any safety related device on board the aircraft;
  • Operating a portable electronic device when such act is prohibited in aircraft.

No Customer shall interfere with the pilot or with a member of the operating crew of an aircraft, or tamper with the aircraft or its equipment or conduct himself/herself in a disorderly manner in an aircraft or commit any act likely to imperil the safety of an aircraft or its Passengers or crew. Everyone has a right to safe and secure travel and Go First shall not tolerate any behavior that would interfere with before, during and after the flight or put the safety of passengers and / or crew members at risk. If there are any resulting costs incurred by the airline due to delayed flights or unscheduled landings arising therefrom the costs shall be recovered from the passenger’.